Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is an innovative hypnosis technique that goes ‘beyond the perceived limitations of traditional and/or clinical hypnosis. It can be more accurately defined as a high-heart and energy-based regression modality – one that recognizes you ‘the individual’ as being more than just your trauma, wounding adversities, challenges, or the physical body you inhabit. BQH acknowledges you as a conscious multidimensional being, and that true transformational healing is not a linear process. Healing in its highest alignment is a multifaceted exchange. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, energetic aspects of self are interconnected. When one of them is out of alignment, it invariably affects the other parts of your body with the quality of your life.


The focus of Beyond Quantum Healing is all about getting to the root cause of your present issues by exploring the events of your past. It differs from traditional hypnosis or talk therapy in that it can – and often does – lead to events you’re unable to access consciously. Instead, it's a higher level of accessing your soul records or otherwise known as "AKASHIC RECORDS" During your 1-1 session, you’ll be guided to the most relevant time and place relating to your current challenges, which will allow you to finally bring resolve and detach from the negative experiences that are holding you back. BQH is very much a modality that’s focused on the concept of healing through consciousness exploration and becoming aware of yourself as more than just your physical body…

One of the biggest appeals of having a quantum healing session is the ability to consciously communicate with your Higher Self, Highest Elohim Aspect (I AM SELF) & Guides / Spirit Guardians.

You're advised to bring questions with you on the day of your session relating to any current challenges you’d like to receive guidance on, as this question and answer session will form a large part of the experience. However, the real beauty of how this works is that all this information comes from within youBeyond Quantum Healing, above all, is a journey and process that seeks to heal and empower by connecting you with the infinite part of yourself that has been guiding you on your larger soul journey – lifetime after lifetime.

For your soul is eternal, being human is an aspect of the journey!.


Your Beyond Quantum Healing session is made up of two parts. The first, which will take roughly an hour, is an interview in which you’ll share a little more about yourself, your story, and what your intentions are for your session. Although this will be relaxed and not an ‘interview’ in the traditional sense, the information you provide will play an important role in helping guide the narrative of your journey – and ultimately bringing you your desired outcome. Talking beforehand also lets us become comfortable with each other’s energy and for any nerves you may be experiencing to fall away.

Before we begin the hypnosis itself, we’ll verbally set our intentions for your session, calling in our respective ‘spirit teams’ to assist in your journey. We’ll then bring the heart and mind into coherence with a short visualization, which acts as a deepener and relaxation technique before you’re guided in the deep alpha–trance state. Where we travel from, there will be entirely up to your Higher Self! You could find yourself exploring events from your current, past, and future lives or even parallel and ET lives!

Throughout the exploration phase, you’ll be encouraged to open up about your surroundings with questions intended to immerse you deeper within the experience. Our primary focus will be discovering why you have journeyed to that time and place. We can then call in healing energy to help remove blockages and resolve any residual traumas. And although sessions don’t always work linearly, it is usually after this has taken place that we’ll call in the Higher Self. This will be your opportunity to seek guidance from your Higher Self and the part many people find most valuable. Your session will then be drawn to a close, as you’re brought back to full waking consciousness, after which we’ll have a debrief of your experience before we part company. A full recording of your session will then be made available within 24hrs for you to download & replay for your own reference moving forward. 



The concept of the Higher Self stirs up a lot of debate within spiritual and psychology circles. But the irony is both schools of thought confirm its existence as a fundamental part of our being and/or consciousness – they refer to it by different names. The Higher Self is the common term used within metaphysical and esoteric studies. 

Your Higher Self is the internal, eternal part of you that never dies. It is your soul essence and the part of you that makes you – YOU! There is no denying or hiding from it because it is an integral part of your being and lived experiences throughout this. Countless other lifetimes – it knows every word spoken, every action taken, and everything you have ever seen. But it is always working with you – never against you. And it’s entirely possible to connect directly with this part of yourself and benefit from the wealth of insight it has to offer. Although in reality, you’re never disconnected.

In more grounded terms, you could think of your Higher Self as a bit like Siri or Alexa for your mental landscape in that it can call up information from any of your previous experiences in this life and beyond when asked to do so. It has access to everything that has ever been imprinted on your psyche, cellular, and DNA memory banks and will always return with the most beneficial answers to your questions. It’s a multi-dimensional aspect of consciousness that is at once: your past, present, and future selves and spirit guides working in unison. It’s the totality of your being, which is why some people also refer to it as the Oversoul.

If you’ve ever had a ‘knowing that you had to follow through with or felt intuitively guided to do something that goes against your conscious thought process – that is your Higher Self! Whenever you’ve felt moved by an idea or excited by a new opportunity, it is your Higher Self signaling to you that you’re on the right path. If you want to become more in tune with this part of your being, follow your excitement. It will never lead you astray. Your internal guidance system is always trying to steer you towards the experiences that allow you to take the step in your personal development.

One of the main benefits of Beyond Quantum Healing is that it allows you to enter a state where you can have conscious communication with your Higher Self. By doing so, you can access the inner wisdom deep within your soul, asking direct questions about anything from your physical health, life purpose, career, and relationship difficulties to any other area of your life that might be out of alignment.