The intricacies of breath & heart unification are part of our human existence's very sacred central channel. Each breath's very transference oxygenates the heart that infiltrates our cellular consciousness throughout our physical human sacred vessels. Our bodies are phenomenal when you pause in a marvel of human physicality.
The ability to drive our inspiration towards our purpose, vision & aspirations.
Equally, to keep us stagnantly stifled & tied to the past.
The people of your past may or may not have changed. Truth be told, it's none of your business what path they chose because they are in the past.
Regardless if time determined your hand or fate did all the while...know what is meant for you will always & I mean in certainty always will be for you.
What is not, what is limited or has an expiry date will always fade away. Your job is to not be attached to an outcome but enjoy the ride of your life you walk daily.
Knowing your worth,...
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Come to know yourself in ways the world has not yet shown you possible.
Learn to know all of yourself from the inside out, the very life force energy you are & have always been.
You physical chalice of light™, the human physical form you are is constantly in co-creation & communication with you.
Are you consciously listening, observing & responding accordingly?
Our physical human vessels are the greatest direct barometer of truth with our own health, vitality, wellbeing, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, physically with intuitive connection with our own channel to GOD & all creation that is.
Your unique Chalice™ life force energy is constantly signaling to you to move through the past, liberating the now & heal your life so you can truly thrive forward.
However, we are not inherently taught to have this kind of relationship with ourselves.
Fact, this must change if humanity is truly...
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Come back to yourself, come back to the very life force energy you are. You have been living your life outside of yourself for far too long.
Your body sends you reminders, your spirit guides you inwards.
Yet you constantly keep craving external idealism, illusion & disconnection as the way forward.
Not one individual in human form gifts you wielding power to live your highest integrity, light & capacity to love in wholeness.
To yourself so you can speak freely to others.
Only you can & will walk this, speak this & become this.
Your absolute highest capacity to love, in your own power, voice & presence, own embodiment. As a human being having a spiritual exchange, heart, mind, body, soul with GOD.
Every time you seek permission to move forward by living through someone else lens of the world, you are denying your own.
The moment you decided that...
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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020
Are you someone who waits for the "signs" to fully align before you make your next move?
Are you someone who defers all your power by waiting for permission to create lasting sustainable transformation in your life?
Fact, that in order for the next step to present for you in whatever you are desiring, co-creating, or manifesting into actuality in your life, you must take action.
Taking action requires you to create opportunities for yourself, by listening to the heart & allowing yourself to be curious as you explore what precisely aligns with you in full congruency.
Heart, mind, body, soul with GOD.
Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically within the sacred vessel, you are.
Not simply partially, too many individuals hold off doing anything without taking self-leadership into action by fear of choosing incorrectly.
Everything that is meant for you, I mean everything.
Will always come to pass if you are...
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We Gather
As the season's change,
The tides swell
The natural evolutionary cycle of life beckons at humanity once more.
To pause,
Traversing inwards listening to one's own heart beating to the drum of the universal light
Under the illumination of Divine Mother Earths changes
Our different paths collied
Our unique values intertwine.
As our beliefs are shared in potent reference from our collective to individual pasts deeply entrenched to our present
Differential life experience and growth
From near and far, form the known and the unknown.
We gather,
To witness, to hear & to support one another.
From heart and purity of expansive soul,
And yet the under the deep calling of the soul, we gather.
Coming to gather to be held and soften,
Love & be love
To express and unpack,
To share and allow a deeper resonance of connectivity to an ancient sacred space within the divine mystery.
To feel into one's breath,
To openly hold oneself among the company of those in...
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The exchange of saying to someone you fully complete me is simply saying that I cannot survive without you.

It’s such a heavy burden to project upon someone else that your happiness depends upon them and the freewill choices they make. It also says a lot about where you put your power in the relationship dynamics of connection.

The initial relationships we form in the world as children really set the tone in how we view love throughout our adult lives. It can be a healthy exchange, yet it has a polarised side where it can be unhealthy and unbalanced in all matter of things in life.

For most of the planet, humanity, for that matter, is seeing the world of love through the lens in how we have been conditioned to see it.

It’s not appropriate to show emotion, as it shows vulnerability and weakness…

Have you encountered this?

Or maybe you have been smothered in love where you have no personal boundaries and often overshare your emotions in too much information, leading...

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Being objective about your ego requires you to address the aspects ofof yourself you tend to hide from and and hide from the world. It’s uncomfortable to be brutally honest and transparent with yourself. It requires you to move beyond illusions you have self-created and perpetuated as an identity that makes you someone in the world.

Ego, shadow work is the most progressive way to heal what plagues and traumatizes you.

So let's unpack what is referred to as ego to the shadow.

All of us have a “shadow”; we even have a spiritual ego. That’s another aspect of wounding ill address in another article. It’s known as spiritual nepotism. Seeking out individuals in some form of hierarchal order based on their gifts of worthiness.

So all humans have a shadow. The shadow self is the abandon and rejected aspects of self that we punish, repeatedly consciously or subconsciously. We actively begin the cyclic patterning in childhood from learned behavior, absorbed...

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Our initial connection to the feminine is through our birth mothers, from conception through to invitro absorbed exchanges. We are receiving her perception and context for the feminine well before we have ever taken our first breath of air within the physical lungs.

We actually unconsciously re-create relationships where that trauma (and those dynamics) are relived. Wounds show up in various capacities, not always bleedingly apparent. Many individuals think, feel, and believe what they deem healthy is actually trauma reliving and playing out in their lives form learned exchanges like from judgemental mothers. 

When an individual is judgemental externally, they are in fact equally judgemental of self, by deflecting any sense of self-connection by finding rapport in demining or belittling another. It may read harsh, but that’s the reality of the fact. When individuals don’t connect to themselves in healing their own wounding, trauma, or toxicity, they project it...

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Consciously choosing to be mindful of your energy, intentions, actions, and beliefs to your boundaries that reflect your own innate values & environment that you expose yourself too is a profoundly loving self-care practice.

It’s a continuously leveling up of your own innate walk with the Divine within that is reflected outwardly in how you show up in the world.

The reality is we live in a world full of pollutants. Of heightened emotional, mental & even spiritual pollutants. That impacts the physical body if we do not pay loving attention to our most significant barometer of truth, our sacred vessels – the human body.

As of such, with so many external pollutants trying to imprint upon you, it requires us individually to be far more discerning in where we choose to place ourselves mind, body, soul & spirit on a day to day basis.

If you find yourself still adjusting to your new reality of what humanity is shapeshifting into, then first know you are not alone....

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Our land is purging; generational, ancestral wounding is burning up rapidly, being released from our beloved Mother, Earth.

I invite you to hold loving pure, sacred hearts decree prayer, intension for Beloved Mother Earth right now as California Wildfires Burn out of control here in The Valley San Francisco.

I invite you to feel the call to hold the loving grace of pure God Spark, Christ Consciousness, Original Elohim light to the land at this time to assist in the reconciliation, recalibration, and resurrection of the alignment in the balance required for our Beloved Divine Earth Mother.

As guardians of the land, we are keepers to continuously invite new pure source light to come back into attunement to the ground in which we in human form call home.

Our loving duty is to sit in deep reverence of what the Divine Mother holds for us and provides to us in all every elemental exchange we are so profoundly interwoven within unification...

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