Wow - working in partnership with Ashra amplifies my inner light and helps me move through, up, around, and past perceived 3D roadblocks and into higher dimensions of self, of time, and connection. It's like a supercharged container for stepping into self and self-leadership energy that can transmute anything that no longer serves one's highest, greatest good -- all with an unparalleled safety net of support, guidance, healing light, insights, and encouragement. 

ASHRA shared a strategy I didn’t want to hear initially; honestly, I knew ASHRA wasn’t going to support my excuses. She was going to hold me accountable always for my actions. Change for me can be really challenging, and I knew it was my time to change in multiple areas of my life. ASHRA’S direct beautiful and sincere, lively delivery made it much easier to receive the truth on what really was going on in my life, but more importantly, on how I can create the change sustainably. I was looking for long-term results.



ASHRA has been an incredible mentor and coach on my journey in just a couple of months I’ve worked with her. Our group work has upgraded my mind and energy to the growth necessary for 5D and beyond. And our 1x1s have helped me hone in on my skills and purpose, so I feel more confident in moving forward with my business. On a personal level, she’s incredibly wise, thoughtful, and funny. I highly recommend her for guidance and personal growth on all levels.



Since I’ve been working with ASHRA, individually & in a group mentoring capacity, I have a deeper, clearer awareness of purpose, mission, and offering to the world as I raise my own levels of consciousness and connection. I’ve received many gifts: glimpses into a future Self, tools to access my ability to follow my heart & trust myself implicitly. It has been and continues to be life-changing. ASHRA mentors & provides. She empowers & supports you where you are on your journey. I have received deep insights to help me understand myself on levels I only dreamed existed.



What this World needs is you. All the little you’s and the big You’s. The micro-shames, the micro-traumas, the micro-isolations, micro-blessings, and the micro-leaps of Faith serve their Frequency until it no longer serves. This Recognition is the DANCE home, into our cells, our communities, the ecosystems that support a systemic change from the atom up. ASHRA™ is the FIERCE GRACE of Unconditional Presence, the feminine Return home to the You that yearns for ALL of You.



Ashra’s channeled reading and guidance is by far the most detailed and accurate reading I have ever received! I have had many types of readings and I will tell you now that you will not be disappointed. Ashra told me things I knew to be true about myself that I have never shared, I’m able to understand and process information through her words, I have a much better knowing of my life purpose. Thank you!


 ASHRA® gifts are extraordinary! She immediately honed in on how I was feeling in my life & navigating through my life. With so much wisdom & clarity I received invaluable information, insights & ideas to help me moving forward. I would highly recommend as one of the best readings I have ever received.