The Chalice Alchemy Elixirs® cultivated in pure high-frequency love consciousness to assist you to recalibrate, upshift & heal your life.

ASHRA® has always had a strong affinity to nature, working with the elemental energies of AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AETHER, Plant medicine & Crystals that in a time quite like no other on earth we all need to support our physical bodies as much as our emotional, mental & spiritual bodies as we all continue to navigate this wild ride we blessed to call life, hence the birthing of The Chalice Alchemy Elixirs®

Connection, Health, vitality, Joy & Creativity with Love is at the core of all that ASHRA® cultivates & she knows you will come to love the range of Alchemy Elixirs as much as her global clients do.

Each Elixir, Tincture, Ointment & Spray has been delicately curated for its highest alchemy metaphysical frequencies & physical healing remedies to assist you in your holistic wellbeing as a soul having a human embodiment adventure!

Who you are & how you care for yourself in the coming years will hold you in steadfast love, harmony & joy, but it always starts within!



WOW!! This tincture is pure magic! I took it last night before bed and my dream state was crystal clear and full of new information! Using this elixir led me to some important understanding of situations that I was feeling blocked from prior to using it..almost immediately like it found me on purpose! :) The item arrived quickly and the seller was kind and generous. Thank you so much!!

Very powerful and potent during meditation with connecting to your higher self! The vibration of this channeling spray is divine.

Very potent elixir. I can feel a shift within that is strong. It brings some feelings to the surface that are needed to be let go and forgive. It really opens you to healing, forgiveness, and self-love. Another amazing product from Ashra! Thank you so much!!

I feel a positive shift shortly after taking this amazing root chakra elixir that lasts throughout my day. I feel grounded, calm, and balanced. I am really enjoying the benefits and healing at the same time m. Thank you Ashra! Your products are incredible.

The high vibrational frequency of this elixir goes above simply clearing your space. I can literally feel the positive vibrations and frequency within my space. I can feel the divine energy, it has raised my own vibration with just three sprays!!! I am ordering more ASAP as I know this will sell out fast! Exceptional product. High vibrational energy from the moment you unwrap the package which was so carefully wrapped. Fast shipping as well!